Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random library happenings...

So why is it that the weirdest things happen in a library? You would think that it would be the most quiet and boring place ever but there is always that one person that comes in talking really loudly on their cell phone or coughs up a lung then attempts to snort up, the once dormant substance in their nostril, in one tremendous action.
Well today, I wasn't bothered by the infections vagrant or the annoying cell phone user but instead was annoyed by the person who was annoyed by them. I was the witness of a random poll taking. The poll consisted of one man angrily asking how many people in the entire room of oblivious computer users hate when people talk on their phones. Well, no one responded...most just ignored him and honestly I was more distracted by him then by the girl who was actually talking quietly on her phone. Typically I am the first one to get upset by the blatant disregard phone users have for the comfort of those around them but this guy must have had some issues, in order, to be so affected by her talking. Needless to say the young lady soon got off her phone but not before she made a snide remark about the jerk to the person she was talking on the phone to. Can't we all just get a long?

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